Nyack Flash Sketch Mob Maps


What's a Flash Sketch Mob?

Artworks created en masse in village locales by artists of all skill levels. Resulting artworks are digitally collated to enable insight into local architecture, art, commerce, and people.


In June 2012 - and again in 2015 - a Flash Sketch Mob of about 100 artists gathered in Nyack, NY to create a composite landscape portrait of the village. Standing roughly twelve paces apart for a quarter mile on both sides of the street, the artists captured the streetscape on the village's thoroughfares. We've put together this site using the content generated from the events, allowing you to navigate the village as seen through the eyes of the artists. The Nyack Flash Sketch Mobs have been conceived and organized by artist/writer Bill Batson and Marisol Diaz. Digital maps and coding by Ben Falchuk.

Flash Sketch Mob Maps and Media



Feel free to contact Bill Batson and Marisol Diaz for more information about Flash Sketch Mob. Contact Ben Falchuk with questions about this site, design, or coding.